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Joanna Reyes

Mission Statement: Revitalizing Businesses For A Better World

Career Objective: To help businesses succeed while helping them understand the importance of work and life balance, giving back to the community, and helping those in need.

Joanna Reyes graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, focusing on Consumer Affairs where she gained knowledge about consumer advocacy and protection, personal financial planning and counseling, and housing services. During her last semester at Cal State University, Long Beach, she worked at Wells Fargo as a Phone Banker where she helped consumers with inquiries about their basic banking needs and financial struggles, which increased her empathy and compassion for others.

After graduating college, she spent 3 years at ASAP Property Holdings, Inc., a Private Equity firm that focuses on acquiring Hospitality and Commercial Real Estate throughout the entire United States with a mission to bridge investors and real estate as an asset class. ASAP Property Holdings, Inc. has been one of the most active hotel buyers in the United States with successful acquisitions of over 30 plus hotels and more than a billion dollars in total value.

At the private equity firm, Joanna Reyes held the roles of Investor Relations Manager and the Director of Business Development where she gained knowledge, hotel acquisitions, due diligence of commercial real estate, new revenue generation opportunities, the real estate market, and gained long-term relationships with investors who soon became her mentors.

Joanna has returned to Cal State University, Long Beach to pursue a Master of Business Administration and will be graduating in the Spring of 2024. She hopes to gain more knowledge in today's rapidly growing, competitive, and ever-changing business industry to help her parents retire by expanding Dingle Berries Coffee and Tea and giving back to the Philippines by starting a non-profit called Mabuhay Philippines.

Work and life balance is important to Joanna Reyes because, as a person who enjoys traveling and working a little too much, she finds herself mentally refreshed after a vacation. She has realized that travel and leisure creates a healthy balance between work and personal life. From her experience in hotel acquisitions and investments, she noticed that the only goal was profit and not people's well-being. She wants to help companies normalize the importance of taking a break to recharge their bodies, mind, and soul. Allowing employees to take time to rejuvenate will improve their mental health and increase their productivity.

BetterWorld Business Development was created through her dreams to help retire her parents, revitalizing Dingle Berries Coffee and Tea, starting her own non-profit, and helping others with their startups and failing businesses. Joanna Reyes believes that she can lead by example if she implemented her own career objective on a business she has been fortunate to have and a non-profit that she has created. For the purpose of leading by example, Joanna Reyes has decided that BetterWorld Business Development will donate 10% of their revenue to Mabuhay Philippines to help people in need and to stop dreaming but instead start living to create a BetterWorld.


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